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"I'm so thankful to be here. this company, this sport, my team saved my life. You guys don't understand.

And maybe you don't root for me, I don't look like an action figure, I don't have an accent, but...

I do it for the kids like me, who grew up... we grew up with nothing man.

I do it for the OUTCASTS and the UNDERDOGS like me.

Fighting's all we have, and this is ours.

We were never supposed to make it this far but we're here now, and they can never take this away from us.

This is ours."

Andre "Touchy" Fili,

November 21, 2015 - UFC Fight Night

Outcasts & Underdogs was founded by fighter and musician Andre "Touchy" Fili in 2016.

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Andre "Touchy" Fili

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